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Delhomme’s Contract- Harm or Hurt?

Panthers resign Delhomme, relieve cap space.
by Dwayne D.

Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers signed Jake Delhomme to a new, 5-yr., $42.5M contract that will keep him in Carolina throughout the 2014 season, and effectively ending his career as a Carolina Panther. Many in the Charlotte and the rest of the Carolinas are wondering why they would do such a thing, despite the fact that Delhomme had six turnovers in what was the ugliest game of his career and in the history of the franchise.

The contract signing made perfect sense. The Panthers’ salary cap is in a very bad way, especially since there is a $16.7M headache in the form of Julius Peppers, who does not want to be in Carolina, and has requested a trade, which at the same time, he requested a trade to teams that do not spend the money like that, like the Patriots and Steelers, and the Cowboys simply do not have the money to pay him, as they are focused on keeping DeMarcus Ware, and making him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. Delhomme was to count for more that $10M on their cap, which limited their room. With the new deal, the Panthers can actually sign their draft picks, and maybe even get some diamond in the rough in free agency.

While many Panther fans will not get why Delhomme is back, they need to realize that this was just more than him being back. If they can look past the bad game that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth (myself included) they need to realize that Delhomme is not the problem right now, Peppers is. Look at it this way, even after creating six turnovers in a game, and getting all the blame and taking all the backlash, Delhomme STILL wants to be a Panther, he still wants to play in front of the fans. Peppers wants out, and still even hasn’t signed the one year franchise tender, yet it still harms Carolina financially, which probably prevented them from getting another WR, another CB, and keeping the depth on the offensive line which produced so well, even when key guys got hurt. Be angry with Jake, be angry with the game that he played in a game that should have been won, but at least he did not pick up his ball and helmet and go home.