Under the Radar

– by Dwayne Dunham

The Toronto Raptors made some huge splashes in the free agent market, by signing Hedo Turkoglu to a 5 yr, $53M deal, and ending a tenure with the Orlando Magic that gave him a reputation as one of the better and more underrated closers in the game. The Raptors made the move to entice Chris Bosh into staying in Canada for longer than 2010.

With this move, the Raptors have flown under the radar as one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. After a 33-49 2008-2009, the Raptors could move into the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference. With Bosh, Turkoglu, Andrea Bargnani, creating a pretty good core for this team, GM Bryan Colangelo not only made this team better, he definitely could have persuaded the centerpiece of this core, Bosh, to stay.

Although when 2010 rolls around, the destination I thought Bosh would go to, the Detroit Pistons, went out the window when they signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to contracts, New York, Miami, Chicago, could be enticing locations. If this move for Turkoglu pays off like Colangelo has planned, Toronto not only could have a deep playoff run, they can also have a deep run in future years to come and Canada’s only team will definitely be around the playoff picture and a force in the NBA.

So with the pieces in play, will the Raptors be the team that goes under the radar and surprise? Or will this move backfire and be the end of the Chris Bosh era in Toronto. Stay tuned to the NBA season and find out.

  1. August 4th, 2009
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