Twitter: Helping or Hurting the NFL?

by Dwayne Dunham

A day after San Diego Chargers Cornerback Antonio Cromartie was fined $2500 for simply talking about bad food at the team’s training camp, some NFL teams are really cracking down on the use of the fast growing social network.

For those that don’t know, Twitter is a social network where people can simply post thoughts, and actions in 140 characters. The tagline for the network is simply: “What are you doing?” It has caught on to players of the NBA, NFL, commentators, celebrities, and reality stars alike. Twitter is a positive thing, because fans can actually communicate with their favorite stars and feel more connected to them than ever before.

$2500 for posting your thoughts is a tad bit excessive. If the food is nasty, the food is nasty. Maybe comparing the food to the chances of a Super Bowl wasn’t the best choice of words, but doesn’t it kind of take away expressing yourself? It’s not going to affect the team’s performance, and it’s not detrimental to the team. If Cromartie is doing his job, which he has proven by going to the Pro Bowl and working hard on the field, let him and the players Tweet what they want on their own time.

This thing was not as bad as Charlie Villanueva of the Milwaukee Bucks tweeting during halftime of a game. Now that is crazy, it does take away focus from the game. Sure the tweet was about him just wanting to play harder, but during a game though. That’s a different story. Lunch during training camp may have been $1000, or $500, but $2500 is excessive.

The NFL has not put any rules and regulations on Twitter, in fact a league that has been dubbed the “No Fun League” encourages players to Twitter, but some teams fear that information may be leaked out.

The key thing that should be learned throughout this whole thing is that there is a time and place for everything, including sending tweets for the world to see. The players know what to put and what not to put, and at the same time, if teams can regulate what should be said on Twitter and what shouldn’t, everything will be just fine

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