Skipping HS for Pro Ball?

by Dwayne Dunham

This is the first opinion blog from TSX. I normally try to stay objective in these types of things, but with this story that was read about a while ago, and now it’s official, the only thing I can do is just shake my head.

Jeremy Tyler, a prep star and HS rising senior, has decided to forego his last year of HS eligibility to sign with Maccabi Haifa of the Israeli Premier League. He averaged 28.7 points per game during his junior season at San Diego High School, is leaving high school because the HS game was “too boring”.

My thing is, you’re going to leave high school for a hoop dream. And it really is a shame because a lot of hoop dreams are dashed due to temptation outside the court, injuries, or something else. It’s one thing to say that you’re leaving after senior season, and doing what Brandon Jennings did and going pro after you graduate, but at least Jennings decided to GRADUATE, and at the end of the day, it’s about at least getting your HS Diploma. To many people, Tyler would be a HS dropout who’s chasing a hoop dream. What if the hoop dream does not work out? What will he have then? I’m really surprised that his family, his agent, B.J. Armstrong, is allowing him to do this.

And what about the HS teammates? I am sure that although his coaches and his teammates are supporting this decision, some of them have to be betrayed in a sense. This is selfish on his part, and he’s not being a team player. That 28.7 PPG is out the window, and San Diego High will need to find some new ways to be a good team without him.

At the end of the day, this is another case of a kid trying to be grown too quickly. Brandon Jennings’ jump to the pro bypassing college did not pan as well, and I just don’t see this kid doing well professionally, due to the fact that he’s going to think that he is the top star, but he’s not. And when his ego’s crushed and they play so much more physically in a professional league overseas, what will he have then? If the HS game is too boring, due to triple teams and such, what will happen when he gets triple-teamed professionally? Is he going to quit then. This kid has a lot to learn before even making a jump to the NBA. I really hope he does get his GED, and consider college. Then again, he can’t do that b/c he already has an agent, and all of his eligibility is out the window. This could be a good move that could be duplicated by many others, but I don’t see nothing really positive coming from this. Let’s see how Brandon Jennings does in the NBA, since he was the pioneer behind going overseas to bypass college.

The bottom line, stay in school, do a year of college, fine tune your skills and work on fundamentals. Kids these days need to think about the future, and not just a hoop dream. I’ve seen many great players who are better than the ones in the pros now, that just don’t get a chance, and the hoop dream is dashed. I wish Jeremy Tyler well, even though I feel his decision is not the best one.

  1. I feel the same way. I fear that if he does do well then it will start a trend which could mess up the lives of alot of young prep stars. If it doesn’t go well then this guy lost alot for the 140K contract which isnt even enough to buy him a house and pay for 4 years of college in order to get a degree.

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