The National Treasure

His fastball is amazing, and he compliments it with a great breaking ball.

He has played for the USA, winning a bronze medal in Beijing at the Olympic Games.

At a towering 6’5″, he is one of the more intimidating young pitchers the game has seen in recent memory.

He truly can be dubbed as a “National Treasure”. Fitting that he is going to the Washington Nationals.

At the final hour of the 70-day deadline to sign the draft picks from the MLB Draft, the Nationals and Stephen Strasburg agreed to a 4 yr, $15.1M deal that is the largest in MLB history for an amateur. His agent, Scott Boras, was looking for a $50M contract over six years, but that is quite a bit for an unproven rookie. Strasburg has drawn comparisons to Mark Prior, and we see how that ended up for the Chicago Cubs (not good). Even worse, Strasburg could’ve been down the path of Matt Harrington, who went from top prospect to installing tires at Costco for $11.50/hr

Strasburg’s signing means the Nationals are going to have a much improved rotation in years to come. The Nationals are in a large market, and they have made their first major splash since becoming the Nationals from the Montreal Expos. They really put the effort to get Mark Texieira during free agency. If Strasburg proves himself on the mound and can reverse the fortunes of the Nationals, this team will be a major player, and will be one for years to come. The Nationals did need this a lot more after losing pitcher Aaron Crow last year. Crow is now a member of the Kansas City Royals organization, after re-entering the draft this year.

The Nationals needed Strasburg more than he needed them. Scott Boras made that clear. It wasn’t the astronomical $50M he was seeking, but $15M is high for a top draft pick, especially a pitcher. With the gifts that this kid has, he just might be the treasure to turn this franchise around.

  1. August 18th, 2009
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