AFC East Preview- Buffalo Bills

The AFC East is a division of many different dynamics. The Dolphins engineered a great turnaround, going from 1-15 in 2007 to 11-5 and a share of the AFC East championship, the New England Patriots lost their leader on the first drive of the 2008 season, but still went 11-5, only to MISS the playoffs. The Jets were off to a fast start under a great QB who loved the game, but he ended up faltering as well, and they played theirselves out the playoffs. The Bills got off to a fast start, but injuries and inconsistencies led them to mediocrity, leading them to sign a major playmaker in the offseason.

So it’s a new season, and many changes are in place within the AFC East. Brady’s back, T.O.’s in the the smallest market of his NFL career with a loyal fanbase putting all its faith in him, he’s definitely up for the challenge. The Jets are in a new era with Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez leading the way, and Miami’s remarkable turnaround results in the NFL’s toughest schedule.

Here’s how TSX feels the AFC East will end up:
1. New England
2. Buffalo
3. Miami
4. NY Jets

We start in Buffalo with the Bills:

The Bills have a very efficient offense led by Quarterback Trent Edwards. After Edwards went down last season, the Bills turned to J.P. Losman, who had a chance to revive his Buffalo career, but ended up faltering and will now be playing for the United Football League. Edwards is facing some competition for the starting job from Ryan Fitzpatrick, who started for the Cincinnati Bengals during Carson Palmer’s injury plagued season. Edwards should win the starting job. He has Terrell Owens, who will provide a nice playmaking threat and make other teams focus on him, and in turn, take the heat off of their top receiver Lee Evans. The wild card in the T.O. situation is if T.O. can avoid the drama. We know he’s passionate, he loves to win, but at the same time he can be a huge detriment to the team. With Owens and Evans able to make big plays, expect the running game with Marshawn Lynch and back up Dominic Rhodes to gain a lot of yards. The Bills can really make noise offensively if T.O. does not go to his cancerous ways.

Defensively, the draft pick of DE Aaron Maybin in the first round is a good move. He is a good pass rusher, and can put some very good pressure on the Quarterback. Expect more blitzing from the Bills, and if the defense can hold their own, especially since they are the only team in the division with a 4-3 format (everyone else runs 3-4), it’s going to be interesting to see if the defense can stack up with the rest of the division.

The Bills had a great start, but a bad finish, they can definitely right the ship if they get the right mix and mesh together. T.O. will have to avoid being poison and really focus on making this team better, and now with his probably final chance to make a difference, he has to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. The offense is loaded, and the defense is not bad. They could possibly get the Wild Card, but with Brady back in New England, it’s as high as second place for the Bills.

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