AFC East Preview- Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins were the surprise and delightful story of the 2008 season. Coming off a horrific 1-15 season, the Fins engineered one of the greater turnarounds in NFL history and the best turnaround from a 1-15 to go 11-5 and win the AFC East Title. The reward for winning the division: The NFL’s toughest schedule. No doubt that head coach Tony Sparano will have the team ready to go when the regular season begins.

The Dolphins have many different formations of the Wildcat offense, and with the way they used it on the New England Patriots in Foxborough, it was one of the greatest displays of offensive efficiency which led to the 10-win improvement from 2007. Ronnie Brown is the master of the trickery, and the Dolphins got a huge gift when they drafted former West Virginia QB Pat White. White’s athletic ability will make him a perfect fit for the Dolphins wildcat offense and will expand their playbook by leaps and bounds.

The defense is your 3-4 and the anchor of the defense is LB Joey Porter. Another big addition to the defense is an old addition in Jason Taylor, the former DE who left the team last season for the Washington Redskins, only to come right back to the team that drafted him. Taylor has great length and speed, and can get to the quarterback. Expect Tony Sparano to call a lot of blitzes like last season, and Porter will be the main one getting the sacks from the Middle Linebacker position.

Despite the toughest schedule in the NFL, I think the Dolphins will still be a tough team in the AFC East. They will finish third, but it will be a respectable 9-7 season. If they are healthy, and playing to the level they played at a season ago, They could make another run to the playoffs and a Wild Card.

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