AFC East Preview- New England Patriots

The New England Patriots always find ways to win, even when their most decorated and celebrated player goes down. Despite rallying around a backup quarterback, the Patriots went 11-5, only to miss the playoffs. Now with the leader of the dynasty returning to the team, the Patriots are looking to go back to the playoffs, and claim their rightful place, which is back at the top as Super Bowl champions.

Offensively, the only difference from the year before is the return of Tom Brady. Brady, who went down on the first drive of the 2008 season, is playing in the preseason, instead of opting to sit out all of last preseason, and then going right into game action. Expect Brady to make his connections back with Randy Moss, and Wes Welker, who is one of the best possession receivers in the game right now. The Patriots know how to block, and balance the run and pass which makes them so efficient as an offense and it runs like clock work. Two major upgrades to this team include Fred Taylor, who was the longtime running back of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and veteran Joey Galloway, who will be a great third receiver to Moss & Welker.

Defensively, the Patriots will be in tremendous shape. They have one of the best 3-4 systems in the NFL, and with Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork, and Richard Seymour all healthy, expect them to be the anchors of this unit, especially when they stop the run. If these guys do their jobs, the linebackers and secondary will have a field day stopping the pass.

Brady’s back, and it’s trouble for the rest of the AFC East. With his leadership and the discipline of this team, they are primed to be super once again. Bill Belichick will have this team ready to go from week 1, and they will win the AFC East and possibly be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl.

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