NFC North Preview- Chicago Bears

The frozen division is the new focus on TSX for the next two days: The NFC North Division has seen some many changes this season, The Bears have a quarterback that has the goods to lead them without relying solely on their defense, The Lions are looking to win a game with a whole new regime and coach, and a franchise QB they are counting on; the Packers and Vikings rivalry will hit a whole new high when a legend of the former plays against them with the latter. Brett Favre is back in the NFC North, and it is not with the Green & Gold of Green Bay, but the Purple & Yellow of Minnesota.

The NFC North will be like this:

1. Minnesota
2. Chicago
3. Green Bay
4. Detroit

We start off the NFC North in Chicago. The Bears made some big moves in the offseason, picking up Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos after his rift with new head coach Josh McDaniels. It is the first time the Bears have had a Pro Bowl QB since the days of the Super Bowl Shuffle. They have a solid game on the ground, after the breakout season of rookie Matt Forte. It will remain to be seen if it will be a sophomore slump or a successful second year, but with a strong offensive line, it’s going to be positive. The receiving corps will be better with Cutler at QB rather than Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman. Rashied Davis, Devin Hester, and rookie Juaquin Iglesias all should have better seasons, because Cutler will make them better.

The defense has been the anchor of this team for many seasons, and will still be the anchors, as they will really have to be at their best for this team to be playoff bound, especially when Cutler can go to his ineffective ways. Brian Urlacher will need to be healthy, and Lance Briggs will have to play hard from their linebackers position, and it’s going to be a huge blow at the free safety position with the departure of long-time Bear Mike Brown. The Bears ranked 30th in pass defense, and without a good safety like Brown, it’s going to be a big question mark as to who fills that spot.

Overall, the Bears are in good shape, if Cutler is efficient and the defense is healthy, they will be a playoff contender, but it’s going to be these two factors dependent on each other. Minnesota will win the NFC North because they are a complete team, but the Bears will take second place in the division and a wild card spot if they are lucky.

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