NFC East Preview- Dallas Cowboys

The NFC East has the best division in the NFL.

On paper.

The division has the most loaded teams in the league, and the rivalries are intense, and the long history between them create great games. This year is not any different from previous years. In fact, expect three teams to come out of this division and make up half of the NFC field for the playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to move forward from the drama of last season in their new billion dollar palace, the Philadelphia Eagles made a huge splash by signing Mike Vick, and expect them to use him and Donovan McNabb at the same time, the New York Giants look to adjust to life without Plaxico Burress, and the Washington Redskins look to keep afloat and competitive with the rest of the division.

Here’s how the NFC East will play out

1. Philadelphia
2. Dallas
3. NY Giants
4. Washington

TSX will start by taking a look at the Dallas Cowboys:

The Dallas Cowboys on paper last year were the team to beat and were the team expected to be the first team to get to their NFL-leading sixth Super Bowl championship.

Too bad the games aren’t played on paper.

The Cowboys had it all, the QB, a good inside-outside combination, a good wide receiver and reliable tight end and a stingy defense. However, due to injuries, and a soap-opera like atmosphere that had people guessing what was next, The drama not only was sickening to watch for Cowboys fans, it was even worse when the Cowboys played their way OUT of the playoffs, and the Philadelphia Eagles ended up making their way in, adding an even more bitter taste to Cowboys fans everywhere.

Now that the Cowboys got rid of what many believed to be the problem, Terrell Owens, many think that this team can put together a new sense of peace and harmony among the team. Tony Romo has a new top receiver in Roy Williams, who was acquired from Detroit last season, and it’s going to be interesting to see if he can be the #1 threat that many people believe he can be. Romo has other options in Jason Witten, who was caught up in the Romo/Owens/Garrett drama from last season, and Patrick Crayton. Romo needs good chemistry with Williams to thrive in the passing game. Also a healthy Felix Jones who brings crazy speed along with the bruising power of Marion Barber will put this tandem among the best of the NFL. Add a third back in Tashard Choice, and the running back by committee could have the potential to be great.

Defensively, the Cowboys have the best player on that side of the ball in DeMarcus Ware, who has a huge knack for getting to the ball and was the key cog in a pass rush that got 59 sacks a year ago. The Cowboys lost a key part in Greg Ellis, but Keith Brooking is a solid inside linebacker who knows Wade Phillips and the 3-4 system, so he should be able to fit in perfectly with this defense. The defense did its part in keeping the game close. With less drama, can the offense really live up to its potential?

Dallas is going to have a successful season, if healthy, and if things are peaceful. They need to learn how to win games in the late stretch of the season, as they went 1-3 down the stretch to miss the playoffs. They have enough to be one of three teams from the NFC East to make the playoffs in a weak NFC this season.

  1. I don’t know much about sports but i am using you to get informed. But i do believe that due to life circumstances i am biologically programed to not like the cowboys.

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