NFC East Preview- Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins finished a respectable 8-8 in the tough NFC East. You would think that being able to hang with the top teams in the division would make them want to take steps to improve on the team. As many teams in the NFC East are improving in different ways, the Redskins look as if they are still stuck in neutral, as they made little to no improvement in the offseason.

On offense, the line is a little iffy, as they are getting older and have been often injured in recent years. Clinton Portis seems as if he is declining, but one off year does not determine the rest of his career. If he is to get back to the dominant running back he was before, the line has to make holes for him, and he has to get that speed that made him so dominant. The QB, Jason Campbell, needs to take chances as he does not throw the ball down the field often, and does not have many receivers to throw it to, so it could be a trust issue in that area. That issue could also be the reason why the Redskins tried to acquire Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez in the offseason and NFL Draft, respectively. To make matters worse for Campbell, the Redskins have no even offered him a contract extension, a clear sign that they are ready possibly to move on from him. It will be up to him to respond with passion and take chances and prove to management that he is worthy of being a starting QB, or just being angry and upset and play with no kind of passion and quit.

Defensively, the Redskins made a huge splash by signing former Tennessee Titans DT Albert Haynesworth, and he should fit into the Redskins defensive scheme perfectly as Haynesworth is a big time run-stopper, and knows how to plug in the gaps that the offensive line makes. The Redskins are already good at stopping the run, but expect their first round pick, DE Brian Orakpo from Texas to have an impact on defense as he is quick and knows how to get to the QB for sacks. Not much was put into the defense aside from Haynesworth’s big payday, but he and Orakpo are going to have to be the anchors for this team.

The Skins are facing a long season, and it’s going to be up to Campbell to take chances and trust his receivers. While the rest of the NFC East looks like they are getting better, the Redskins are fading. .500 does not look like a possibility this season.

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