AFC South Preview- Houston Texans

The AFC South is the next division on deck, and with a pretty good and strong lineup. The Titans, defending AFC South champions will look to repeat, and the Colts, who has Peyton Manning, remain perennial contenders, despite the changes at head coach and offensive coordinator. The Texans have been mired in mediocrity since they entered the NFL in 2002, are looking to break through and have their first winning season in franchise history. And the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to turnaround a disappointing 5-11 season when they were supposed to be a contender.

The AFC South will be as follows this season:

1. Tennessee
2. Indianapolis
3. Houston
4. Jacksonville

We start of the AFC South preview in the Lone Star State and take a look at the Houston Texans:

The Houston Texans are one dynamic team and a fun team to watch. Had it not been for two teams known as Tennessee and Indianapolis, this team would be on its way to its first playoff berth in franchise history. The Texans finished at 8-8, which ties a franchise record. This time around, Gary Kubiak and company are looking to improve upon that and have its first winning season ever. The Texans have the tools, but do they have what it takes to get by the Titans and the Colts?

The offense is one of the best in the NFL, along with the most underrated. They have a good QB in Matt Schaub, who when healthy, can do some pretty special things. He has the game’s best receiver in Andre Johnson, and a very special running back in Steve Slaton. The offensive line is one of the more improved lines in the league, and with Kyle Shanahan calling the plays again for the Texans, and if this unit is healthy, they can do some damage.

The defense has been heavily invested in, as many people are very happy that the the draft pick from a few years ago, Mario Williams, has worked out very well. He leads a very strong and very young defensive line which will be the leaders of the unit for years to come. One thing to be aware of is that Houston’s new defensive coordinator, Frank Bush will put some more aggressive blitz calls and mix it with the things that have worked to make this defense more effective. If the Texans want to go places, this side of the ball has to do their part and do it very well.

The Texans are looking to improve, but the Titans and Colts are still in the way. Had this team been in a different division, they might have a more remote shot at the playoffs, but unless Tennessee and Indianapolis falter, the Texans will be stuck in 3rd place in the AFC South due the superiority of the two teams ahead of them.

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