Up In Smoke?

The Oklahoma Sooners lost a lot of players due to graduation and/or the NFL, and when Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford came back for one more year at OU, the Sooners were one of the favorites to win the coveted National Championship.

After Saturday, could these title hopes have gone up in smoke, along with Bradford’s season?

With one hit, Oklahoma’s game vs. BYU– and season changed in an instant. BYU Linebacker Coleby Clawson went through the inexperienced offensive line with four new starters virtually untouched and made a clean hit on Bradford and Bradford lands on his shoulder. The update is reportedly a sprained AC joint, and it now has Oklahoma scrambling for a new plan to try to deal with this major loss.

There is no set timetable for Bradford’s return, and now Oklahoma has to turn to backup QB Landry Jones, and this offensive line, which committed a lot of penalties in the game last night will need to do a lot better in terms of discipline, and giving the redshirt freshman to at least have some kind of chance for success. The time is crucial for the Sooners, especially since TE Jermaine Gresham is out with cartilage damage to his knee. With out two of their key players, the question is how will OU fare without two of their stars and another one will be who is going to step their game up and somewhat fill the void left. The Sooners are a powerhouse, and stay loaded with talent, so it will not be too big of a problem.

With one hit, Oklahoma went from title contenders to answering a whole lot of questions. Although Idaho State at home is a winnable game, they face in-state foe Tulsa, who is not afraid of the big time, and then a trip to Miami on Oct. 3rd could mean that OU can go into conference play in jeopardy. For BYU, this is not only a confidence booster, but it is huge in their road to a potential BCS bid.

In time, the smoke will clear, and these questions will be answered, but right now, the future of the 2009 Oklahoma sooners season is up in smoke.

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