The Answer to the Memphis Blues?

The Memphis Grizzlies officially announced the signing of G Allen Iverson today. The contract is for one year and is worth $3.5M, and it raises a lot of eyebrows on if this arrangement can work. Apparently for Iverson, it was clear that he would have to accept a bench role to play, considering he did not want to come off the bench for the Los Angeles Clippers, and despised the idea of coming off the bench in Detroit.

Iverson signed with the team because there was virtually nowhere else to go, and the place where he probably would’ve been a starter, in Charlotte with the Bobcats, did not work because the ‘Cats are strapped for cash. No contender wanted him, due to the Detroit experience, his ego was bigger than the team concept. He swallowed his pride, and has agreed to come off the bench, and let the young guys (Mike Conley, Rudy Gay, and O.J. Mayo) be the feature points of the offense. The Answer can provide a lot of wisdom to these young guys, and add this with the determination to prove that he has plenty of basketball left in him after a season with career-low numbers, and appearing to have no steps, this is something that has a chance to work.

For the Grizzlies, it generates fan interest. Even though the franchise has experienced down times as of late and have not made the playoffs since 2006, and never even won a single postseason game, the empty seats at the FedEx Forum spoke volumes. Not only does A.I. put the fans back in the seats, he will generate a lot of jersey sales nationwide, simply because there are plenty of Iverson fans left. This one year deal puts the team and owner Michael Heisley in a better position financially.

Iverson will have to finally learn how to be a better team player, and prove to the naysayers that he can let other players take the lead. The team will have to give him reason to do that. These young players have a chance to be better, due to Iverson. The Grizzlies have a chance to market themselves and really make a profit. Both sides have to do their part and earn their trust.

This is a one-shot deal for A.I. to prove himself to be a team player, and maybe open up a new opportunity with a contender, or see where things go with Memphis. It’s also a one-shot deal for Memphis to boost attendance and financial figures. If things are as harmonious as the announcement of his signing, good things are to come.

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