Crabtree Finally Gets It

Four games into the season, the San Francisco 49ers finally get their man.

Michael Crabtree signed a six year deal with the team from the West Bay, reported first by It ended a long and difficult road for the team, who has really played well and has not needed his services. Crabtree, the sophomore from Texas Tech who was considered one of the best, if not, the best player in the 2009 NFL Draft dropped all the way to 10th pick, mainly due to teams reacting negatively to his attitude. He was the second wide receiver picked after Derrius Heyward-Bey (picked seventh overall by the Oakland Raiders), but even though he was a better receiver than Heyward-Bey, Crabtree got the money worthy of the number that he was chosen. Instead of taking the offer, and proving he’s worth more on the field, he held out, and held out long into the start of the season. After missing training camp and other team functions, Crabtree did do the wise thing and show up regularly to the team’s practice facility. He will be at practice on Wednesday and head coach Mike Singletary said that the he would welcome him with open arms.

Missing all this time could hinder Crabtree’s full development at wide receiver. He is definitely the big playmaker that the 49er offense needs, and will benefit QB Shaun Hill, alleviate the running game that has taken a hit due to the injury to star running back Frank Gore and take pressure off the tenacious 49er defense that has been established by Singletary. One good thing is that despite his attitude, Crabtree works very hard, and it would be no surprise to see him on the field Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons come to town. He will have more time to learn the offense as the 49ers have a bye week and then play Oct. 25th in Houston against the Texans.

Crabtree should be commended for finally being a professional and signing with a tradition rich franchise like the 49ers that have a Hall of Famer as a head coach, and a coach that will not take any of his ego, and if he does not believe that, just ask Vernon Davis He will benefit from signing with this team in the long run, and the 49ers may just take over the NFC West from the Cardinals and run into the playoffs, depends on how early Crabtree gets a good grasp of the offense. Either way at the end of the day, all parties are winners.

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