The Metrodome Magic

The Metrodome was electric, 55,000 Homer Hankie swinging fans ready to blow the roof off in what was the final FINAL regular season game at the place the Twins called home since 1982.

This was a place where the home-field advantage was always apparent at playoff time. The crowd noise in October always made the team just turn the intensity up a few notches and gave them an extra will to win.

The night before, the Metrodome had a very different feel for the home team, the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Favre put up a classic Monday night show and looked like he was 29 years old playing for the Packers. Except he was playing the Packers as he made great decisions and accurate throws and silenced all the ones who doubted him. The man who has always had problems in the Metrodome has had no problem with the place in his first season with the Minnesota Vikings as he has been one of the main reasons why this team is 4-0.

As the Twins get to leave the Metrodome and move into the open-air Target Field next season, the memories of the Metrodome will always live forever, as they have won two World Series championships, and the lease that they had on the Metrodome was the main cog in preventing them from being contracted by Major League Baseball in 2002. They went on and won five division titles in the past eight seasons and the numerous postseason appearances were a factor in getting a new home to stay competitive financially.

Although the Twins have a new home, it will not have that cozy, electric feel that the Metrodome has, especially in October, where the temperatures in Minnesota will be more crisp, and no roof to protect the team, but these are Minnesotans, and they will enjoy the new home, but never forget the Metrodome and the magic it brings for the Twins around this time. But at the end of the day, one thing for is for sure.

The Metrodome Magic kept the Twins alive, and definitely will not go quietly.

  1. October 7th, 2009
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