Indians Hire Manny Acta

Yesterday, the Cleveland Indians introduced former Washington Nationals’ manager Manny Acta as the 40th manager in franchise history. Acta, who went 158-252 in 2 1/2 seasons as Nationals’ manager takes over a team who went 65-97 last season, filled with young players and appears to be the right choice to bring in a young manager who has the passion and energy to match this team’s passion and energy.

TSX breaks down this hire.

Positives: Acta studied the Indians, he did his research on the team and it evidently paid off with the hire. One of the final candidates, former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine, admitted that he really did not study Cleveland and the American League, and it showed that he probably did not want the job at all. So for Acta to show that he wanted to be in Cleveland, and he spurned the Astros, an organization he was associated with for many years, shows that he was a good hire. Another main thing is the enthusiasm for the game of baseball, and that’s going to be important for a manager to have a good positive relationships with his younger players, and mold them into better players. Finally, with the Latino players that are showing up more on the roster, it was a good move to hire a manager who can communicate not only in English, but in Spanish as well, as Acta hails from the Dominican Republic.

Negatives: The record in Washington: Acta had a great first year in Washington, with the young players in the system, but the last year and a half, things went downhill and led to his firing after 87 games into the 2009 season at 26-61. The Indians could have found a more proven candidate than Acta, especially for a team that has seen its fair share of heartbreak and disappointment. Although Acta has the passion and energy, has he really built the talent up to make his teams better? In Washington, it looked as if things got worse. Only time will tell if this move was the right move.

All will be answered in the 2010 season.

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