Griffin Goes Down

It looks like the Clippers #1 draft pick curse has struck again.

Danny Manning, 1988 #1 pick, torn ACL

Michael Olowokandi, 1998 #1 pick, no comment

Blake Griffin, 2009 #1 pick, broken kneecap

This is just the hard luck you get when you go to the Los Angeles Clippers, at least with Danny Manning, he had some decent years in LA, and had a long NBA career. Olowokandi never lived up to the hype in a draft that included guys like Nowitzki, Pierce, Jamison, Bibby, Carter. Griffin is going to have a decent NBA career, but this is not the start he or the Clippers or anybody envisioned. Aside from his concussion last year at Oklahoma, he has been in great shape. It’s a tough break, especially since he was the best player available in the draft. We have seen that the Clippers learned to get the best player available, and they did. How they perform though in the next six weeks while Griffin heals his injury is going to remain to be seen.

Are the Clippers going to be a contender overnight? No, but to beat their cross-arena rivals on opening night would be a heck of a boost. The question is when Griffin gets back how quickly will he get into the offense, and will he be a starter or come off the bench? If the Clippers can weather the storm for the next six weeks, Blake will have more of an impact. Time will only tell, but one thing is definitely for sure:

The Clippers #1 pick curse has not changed. Typical Clippers.

  1. October 28th, 2009

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