The Best & Worst of Week 8

It’s that time again. To give the best and worst of week 8. The contenders and pretenders are starting to separate themselves, some teams have said that they are not dead yet, some teams are finally finding their identity, and others are just on a one-way ticket to the NFL Draft and the top pick.


The Saints Defense: The Saints D is what won the game for the on Monday Night against the Falcons. The credit definitely has to go to Gregg Williams as he has made this team so much more dangerous, and it could be the x-factor in the Saints’ Super Bowl hopes. Just like with the offense, anybody can make a play, and it can come at anytime, and when they make the play and don’t score, Drew Brees will finish the job.

The Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles torched the Giants for 33 points in the first half, and made Eli Manning’s day a not so great one. They harassed him all over the place, and Donovan McNabb made them pay. Also show love to Leonard Weaver as well. He really was a factor and showed that any back can do damage, whether it be him, LeSean McCoy or Brian Westbrook (when healthy)

Ryan Moats: The Texans backup RB came into the game against the Bills and ran for 126 yards on 25 carries, and scored three touchdowns in the 4th quarter to give the Texans their best eight game start in franchise history. With Steve Slaton slipping, it could be the time for Moats to shine. He made the difference in this game and got them the victory.


The Arizona Cardinals: After making a statement against the New York Giants last week, and establishing themselves as one of the best teams in the NFC, the Cardinals faced a struggling Panthers’ team and Kurt Warner threw FIVE interceptions and had a fumble, mirroring the performance of Jake Delhomme when the teams met up in January. The Cards go back into the question of contender or pretender, while the Panthers may have made a statement that they aren’t quite dead yet.

The Detroit Lions: Even for the Lions, the St. Louis Rams should have been a team they should have had no problem with, but then again, it’s the Lions. Both teams are horrible, and if the Rams lost, then they would be in this position. Congratulations to them for snapping that 17-game losing streak, and congratulations to Steve Spagnuolo for his first win as an NFL head coach.

The Cleveland Browns: Who is really to blame for this team’s problems? Eric Mangini? Randy Lerner? The offense is very inefficient, and the defense doesn’t even show up. Seeing the fans of Cleveland suffer through another bad season after the Indians’ 2009 MLB season has to be painful. There is no chemistry between the QBs and Receivers, there’s no line and no running game. When GM George Kokinis’ firing yesterday makes no noise in the locker room, that just raises the concern of who really runs this team.


Jamal Lewis has either had enough of football or enough of Cleveland as he announces his retirement at the end of the season. I think this is a wise move, and if he changes his mind, he can potentially look elsewhere. Being in Cleveland has diminished his ability and effectiveness as a runner. Best of luck to him and his future endeavors after football (or after the Browns)

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