Your Time Is Up

Larry Johnson, it just had to happen this way. Your time was up in Kansas City. It has been up for a very long time.

There was no other way around the situation that arose when Johnson questioned the credentials of his former head coach, Todd Haley; on top of that he makes homophobic comments on his Twitter account. Although the embattled running back, who was already dealing with conflict with head coach Dick Vermeil at the time, took over for Priest Holmes while he was injured, Johnson put up numbers that were unheard of, putting up 1750 yards in nine games of starts. He then put up 1789 yards in 2006, and his numbers have declined since 2007 when he was put on the injured reserve list.

But it was his legal troubles and domestic issues off the field that drew the ire of Chiefs fans and eventually, management. After four arrests for domestic issues since 2003 in a period from 2003-2008, the patience of the Chiefs grew thin, and his production declined. In 2008, the Kansas City spread offense only resulted in him having 874 yards, and in 2009, it was his fingers and his thoughts on Twitter which ended up ending his tenure in KC. After disparaging Todd Haley, and calling a fan who responded to his tweet a “fag”, the Chiefs decided to suspend him a game after negotiations with his agent, but due to Chiefs fan protesting that he does not hold the record since he never represented what a true Chief should be.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was that Johnson was caught on Twitter belittling a fan for making less money than him. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, who came from New England and is about the “Patriot Way” of no-nonsense, low tolerance for foolishness, had enough and decided to release him. Although Larry made efforts to repair his relationship with the Chiefs, it was clear that his time was up, and this move can benefit him and the team in the future.

Everybody wins: The Chiefs, Johnson, and the fans. It’s a new beginning.

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