NFL Midterms- AFC South

The South Division in the AFC was nowhere near what people expected, with the only exception that the Indianapolis Colts dominating and remaining unbeaten. The Houston Texans have been the surprise and are looking to clinch a playoff spot for the first time. The Jaguars are trying to find consistency, and the Tennessee Titans are experiencing a resurgence along with Vince Young after a horrendous start. With that said, here are the midterm grades for the AFC South

Indianapolis Colts (8-0)- Grade: A+; The Colts have the best QB in the game in Peyton Manning, simply because he makes this team so much better. He has adjusted to the absence of Anthony Gonzalez’s injury and Marvin Harrison’s departure with great chemistry with Reggie Wayne, and turning unknowns Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie into stars. Can’t forget about TE Dallas Clark as well. On the defensive side of the ball is going to be the question of the second half. No Bob Sanders for the year, and there is not that much depth as well. If the defense can hold for the rest of the year and stay consistent and healthy, this team can go a long way, perhaps to Miami.

Houston Texans (5-4)- Grade: B; The Texans are being the Texans, one of the hardest teams in the NFL to figure out. One minute, you want to say they are a playoff team, the next minute, you are wondering if they are even playoff worthy. One thing that has improved with Houston is that they are playing better defense, and don’t have to rely on Matt Schaub and the offense to outscore the opponent. If the running game situation with Ryan Moats and Steve Slaton works well, they can very well be on their way to the playoffs for the first time ever.

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4)- Grade: B; The Jaguars get a B, just because many people thought they would have four wins all season long. Despite the fact that the games in the Jacksonville area are blacked out, this team is one that gets hot and cold. One minute, David Garrard is on, then the next minute, he’s off. The only consistent part of the offense is Maurice Jones-Drew. The defense needs to improve on its yard’s allowed per game ranking as they are 21st in the NFL. Jack Del Rio should keep his job for this team playing better than most expected, especially after last season’s tumble.

Tennessee Titans (2-6)- Grade: D+; The Titans had a horrible start, until Bud Adams called for Vince Young to be the starter along with many Titans fans, and the reward has been two victories in a row, and a resurgent team. Chris Johnson has been huge ALL season rushing for 959 yards and leading the NFL, as he is just off the pace for a 2000 yard season. The secondary and pass defense, which was the Achilles’ heel for Tennessee all season long, is improving in the two weeks that Young has been the starter. Maybe this change should have been made a couple of weeks earlier.

Coming up next: The AFC East.

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