NFL Midterms- NFC North

The NFC Midterms are being passed out today, and we begin with the NFC North Division. The Minnesota Vikings got off to a great start before being stopped by the Pittsburgh Steelers for their only loss of the season. We have also seen the resurgence of Brett Favre since he is in a familiar system (the West Coast Offense), the Green Bay Packers were a team that was supposed to have high hopes this season under Aaron Rodgers, but have virtually disappointed, and things really looked bad with a loss to the previously winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Chicago Bears gave up a lot to get the quarterback they’ve been missing for years in Jay Cutler, but he has been up and down all season long and it looks like the return on that trade is not as good (especially with the Broncos at 6-2), and the Detroit Lions, well they at least snapped their losing streak and won’t be winless.

Minnesota Vikings (7-1)- Grade: A+; The Vikings are a virtual lock of the NFC North. They have a great QB in Favre, a great running back in Adrian Peterson, and the receivers are looking so much better on offense just thanks to Favre. The defense has always been among the tops in the NFL, and Jared Allen has been a beast at defensive end. The schedule in the second half favors the Vikings, so it is truly their division to lose. With Favre holding strong, this team could definitely be poised for a Super Bowl run.

Green Bay Packers (4-4)- Grade: B; The Packers have the potential to be good, but they are just stuck in mediocrity. The offensive line is bad and it makes Aaron Rodgers look bad because he is indeed a great quarterback. Rodgers has the weapons in WRs Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, and a good running back in Ryan Grant. The defense has not done much and it really showed last week against Tampa Bay. This team needs to solve its problem on the offensive line, and losing twice to Brett Favre didn’t make things easier for Packer fans to stomach.

Chicago Bears (4-4)- Grade C+; The Jay Cutler experience has not been as great as advertised. Grant it Cutler has done decent in the 4 wins, and the 4 losses have not been as much. Seven touchdowns to two interceptions in the wins and seven touchdowns to 10 interceptions in the losses. The defense has been reflective of its quarterback, playing well in the wins and bad in the losses. The loss of Brian Urlacher has really set the Bears back, and it has made the high expectations turn into disappointment

Detroit Lions (1-7)- Grade: F; The Lions did get their first win of the season over the Washington Redskins, but aside from that, this edition is just as bad as last season. The difference is that this year’s team puts more effort into the game, a reflection of head coach Jim Schwartz. Matthew Stafford is getting valuable game experience, but at the end of the day, this team is still the Lions. The defense has to learn how to hold leads as it showed in their blown 17 point lead into a 32-20 loss to the Seahawks. They have to improve drastically on both sides of the ball to have some momentum into next season.

Coming up next: The NFC South

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