NFL Midterms- NFC West

The NFC West is the final midterms given out for the halfway point of the season (we know Week 10 began with the 49ers, but we have their midterm grade at Week 9). The Cardinals are the only really good team out this division, but how good IS this team really? The 49ers appeared to be major contenders, but fell off and look like major pretenders instead. Seattle has been hit with the injury bug yet again, and St. Louis is well… St. Louis. With that said, the final round of midterms are passed out. and they are as follows:

Arizona Cardinals (5-3)- Grade: B; The Cardinals are a strange team. They are 4-0 on the road, but 1-3 at home. They handle the Giants AT the Meadowlands, but lose to the Panthers at home (the same Panthers they smashed in Charlotte in January). Kurt Warner throws five interceptions, then turns around and throws five touchdowns the next time around. Warner is really great at distributing the ball to all of his receivers and the Cards have an improved running game in Beanie Wells. Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston are great receivers with good hands and good speed. The defense is much improved with leaders like Darnell Dockett, Bertrand Berry on the line. Karlos Dansby at linebacker, and Adrien Wilson and Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie in the secondary. With the rest of the NFC West in mediocrity or just plain bad, expect the Cardinals to be NFC West champs again.

San Francisco 49ers (3-5)- Grade: C; The 49ers looked like they were going to dethrone the Cardinals, especially after a 35-0 blasting of the St. Louis Rams, at home, but after getting blown out 45-10 against the Falcons, the 49ers began their decline. Despite the slide, former #1 draft pick Alex Smith, who took a pay cut to stay with the team, has really asserted himself as the starting quarterback, and the 49ers did come to terms with Michael Crabtree, but he has had minimal impact for a guy who was demanding big bucks. Frank Gore has been decent this season, aside from an injury with sidelined him for a couple of weeks. On the defensive side of the ball, this team needs to be more disciplined than what they have been for the past four games. They have given up 30.3 PPG in the last four games. The first four games, they gave up 13.3 PPG.

Seattle Seahawks (3-5)- Grade: C-; The Seahawks haven’t done too well in the first season of the Jim Mora era, mainly because for the second year in a row, the injury bug has resided in Seattle. T.J. Houshmandzadeh hasn’t had as much of an impact, and Matt Hasselbeck has been playing for the last few weeks with a broken rib. The Seahawks don’t have much of a running game, and are one dimensional on offense. The big blow to their offense is the knee injury of lineman Walter Jones. The defense also suffered a blow with Lofa Tatupu out for the season. If Matt Hasselbeck can stay protected and heal his ribs, the Seahawks could be a surprise, but do not hold your breath with this team. At least not this season.

St. Louis Rams (1-7)- Grade: F; The Rams are one dimensional, they have a strong running game with Steven Jackson, but there are no receivers and an anemic passing game. Marc Bulger is not the QB he used to be, and the Rams actually ran the offense better with Kyle Boller at QB (go figure). Steve Spagnuolo still has work to do with this team, but the culture of the Rams will change, if they can get some WRs in the draft, or free agency, and get some kind of balance going, they could be a respectable team once again. Until then, this team is just going to remain a doormat. At least they will not be winless.

  1. Stunning, I didn’t heard about that up to now. Thanks.

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