The Firing of Byron Scott: Fair or Foul?

Yesterday morning, after a 20 pt. loss to the Suns in which they were completely over matched and lacked energy, the New Orleans Hornets fired head coach Byron Scott and GM Jeff Bower takes over as head coach. Citing “philosophical differences” between the coach and some members of the team, Bower felt like the change had to be made and try to turn around a team with high expectations with low patience.

Scott won NBA Coach of the Year in 2008, took over the Hornets in 2004, and after an 18-64 in his first year (and in the Hornets’ first year in the Western Conference), his team landed Chris Paul, and after two sub .500 seasons, he took the team to a 56-26 record, and a seven game Western Conference semi-finals series against the Spurs which ended in a loss, saw high hopes for the next season. The Hornets went 49-33 a year ago and a first round exit, it started to show that at the start of this season, there was clear dissension among the some of the players and coaches. Chris Paul was the only player looking like he wanted to win, while most of the team just sat and watched. This was apparent after the Suns’ game on Wednesday night. After a 3-6 start, Bower decided it was time to make a change and make Scott the first head coaching casualty this season.

The move only spells disaster for the rest of the season. Bouer pretty much is in the same boat Isiah Thomas was in 2007 and Kevin McHale in 2008: You created this team, this is your mess, so you have to fix it. Bower has moved up the Hornets’ team ranks since 1995 and the Charlotte days, and served as an assistant to Tim Floyd and Paul Silas. Coincidentally, Bower has brought Floyd BACK into New Orleans as an assistant coach. Now if Floyd was dismissed after one season as a head coach, what is the chances that he will be a factor with the same franchise if George Shinn (Hornets’ owner) was dissatisfied after one year? Bower signed the big contract to Peja Stojakovic, he signed James Posey after 2008’s run with the Celtics, but he has not received Celtics’ like performance from him. It’s going to be interesting to see if this team can get the ship corrected this season, or will it be blown up.

More importantly, this is going to be a big adjustment for Chris Paul, who has been loyal to the Hornets’ organization and to Byron Scott. Paul is a hard worker, regardless of the situation, but is he going to be that same guy with a new head coach for the first-time in his career. Although the team has struggled, Paul has been silent on the matter, but if you look at some games, it’s starting to show. Looks like some hard times ahead in the Big Easy, but only time will tell.

At the end of this, the firing of Scott was a fair move, but will yield foul results.

Was The Firing of Byron Scott Fair or Foul?

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