Thurs. Night Football Recap

Week 10 began with the Thursday night game from the NFL Network. The Chicago Bears traveled to San Francisco and former Bear and 49ers coach Mike Singletary. With that said, let’s begin the recap.

Chicago 6, San Francisco 10- Long night for Jay Cutler as he threw five interceptions, with the last one in the 49ers endzone as time expired and the 49ers held off the Bears 10-6. Frank Gore ran for 104 yards and scored the game’s only touchdown and Mike Singletary’s bunch snapped a four game losing streak and putting the 49ers back into the playoff picture. Alex Smith picked up his first win as a starting QB for the first time in over two years. Michael Crabtree had four catches for 48 yards. Cutler apologized to the Bears defense after the game, but did his body language seem a little too nonchalant? If that is the way he’s going to be after a bad game, it’s going to be some real concern in Chicago. Bears (4-5), 49ers (4-5)


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