Videos of the Week

New feature from TSX, some of the best videos of the week will be put on display. Here were the three best. If something was left out, leave a comment, tweet it at thesportsxpress or leave a comment on the Facebook fan page here:

courtesy: AP

Elizabeth Lambert… Credit has to be given to you despite the fact you displayed very poor sportsmanship. If The Mtn. was not televising this game, she would’ve ACTUALLY got away with all of this. The way she did it was very sneaky, and underhanded, but she did get an indefinite suspension, and maybe anger management should be thrown in there.

Jahvid Best… I hope you have a speedy recovery because that was an ugly play, looking at this play over and over, Cameron Collins of Oregon State did NOT have to throw him the way he did. Fortunately that was a concussion, because it could have been so much worse than that.

This dunk by Dwyane Wade on Anderson Varejao is hands down the dunk of the year, and what makes it even better was the block by Jermaine O’Neal on LeBron James that set it up. Poor Varejao, he will have to go through that dunk on posters and highlights for many years to come. Did you see Wade step over Varejao after the dunk. Clearly we know who’s house it is. The Cavaliers won the game, but still, it’s Wade’s house.

Hope this will be a good feature to do every Friday. Keep an eye out and send feedback.

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