Evaluating the Golden State/Charlotte Trade

Monday morning, the Golden State Warriors traded away their “headache” in forward Stephen Jackson to the Charlotte Bobcats along with guard Acie Law in exchange for guard Raja Bell and forward Vladimir Radmanovic. The Warriors are looking for a fresh start after many issues with Jackson and the team over the past few seasons. Jackson has new scenery with a new team that desperately needs scoring.

Looking at this trade, it is pretty even. The Bobcats, as stated before, are in desperate need for scoring, and Stephen Jackson is capable of being that go-to-guy in the 4th quarter, which is something that this team has lacked for the better part of their six-year existence. Jackson came into Orlando to meet his new teammates and coach Larry Brown at 4:30pm and was starting by game time at 7pm. He learned the offense on the fly and was asking EVERYbody on the team questions, which shows he has the characteristics of being a great teammate, and he is clearly looking to move on from the Golden State and Indiana years where controversy has followed him. Being around Larry Brown will be good for Stephen, as he is a no-nonsense kind of coach, and can make him a better player.

Acie Law was just a part of the deal, as this will be his third team in four seasons. Law will be frequent on the inactive list as he would be the third string point-guard behind Raymond Felton and D.J. Augustin.

On the other side, the Warriors get a lockdown defender and a good three point shooter in Bell, and another good three point shooter in Radmanovic. Both came to the Bobcats last season, and the team improved significantly. Radmanovic should be better now that he’s back on the West Coast, as his shooting declined while being in Charlotte. Bell still has the wrist problem, but is still going to play through the pain. Both players should be available when Golden State plays Cleveland Tuesday night. The Warriors were going to send Jackson to Cleveland, but backed out at the last second, and opted to send him to Charlotte.

At the end of the deal, both teams got what they wanted. The Warriors need a good defender, they get it in Bell, and he and Radmanovic get to shoot threes freely in the offense of Don Nelson, and most importantly for them, they end their rocky relationship with Jackson. In turn, the Bobcats lose their best defender, but they get the scorer they were seeking for a very long time, and he will definitely improve on their league-worst 82.4 PPG once he gets fully adjusted to the team. He had 13 pts and 9 rebs. in his first game with his new team.


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