Jauron Gets the Axe

The Buffalo Bills and not the Washington Redskins were the first team to show the coach the door during the regular season, firing Dick Jauron after 3 1/2 seasons with the team. The team was 24-33 under him during his tenure in Buffalo. Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell was named head coach on an interim basis, but it is apparent that the Bills are trying to find a head coach right away. They have contacted former Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan about the vacancy and are really trying to put together some kind of splash in the AFC East.

But it will take more than a coaching change to make this team better.

The Bills offense needs work, and Shanahan is an offensive mind, which is a plus. The starting QB needs to be determined, as Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick are battling for the starting job. This season, the Bills looked more efficient on offense under Fitzpatrick, and judging from Terrell Owens’ latest reaction on the sidelines, Trent Edwards is not the answer (and T.O. will not be back next year). The running game is just not doing what it needs to do as Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch have not produced this season.

The Bills defense has been decent, led by Jairus Byrd and his NFL-leading eight interceptions, and Paul Posluszny at middle linebacker. The disappointment on defense has really been Aaron Maybin, who has been non-existent this season.

How will Perry Fewell fare as a head coach? He started out saying in a brief press conference: “We are who we are”. This clearly means that they are the 3-6 team that has been bad all season. If he wants to win and be a head coach, he has to change the culture, especially if Shanahan doesn’t take the job. This is seven weeks to show that he can be the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. “We are who we are” does not pose well.

For Jauron, it was anticipated that he would lose his job, but it wasn’t anticipated this early. Bills fans wanted him gone, and now they got their wish. Jauron will get a job as a coordinator or assistant, but it is all he probably will get and/or be comfortable with. Aside from one good season in 2001, with the Chicago Bears, it was his ONLY winning season in his career with the Bears and Bills.

Only time will tell on where the Bills go from here. There needs to be structure before anything else can be done. Let Fewell finish the season out, and evaulate the team from there.

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