Wrong Answer

Allen Iverson wanted to start, the Memphis Grizzlies needed sellouts.

Wrong answer.

The Grizzlies and Iverson parted ways yesterday and it capped off an 0-4 career in a Grizzlies uniform and Memphis really got the short end of the stick because Iverson never played in a single home game, and Michael Heisley did not get to even sell out the FedExForum one time with Iverson there. Both parties are both in the wrong and here’s why.

Heisley thought about the bottom line, plain and simple. He knows that the Grizzlies are a bad team, and he’s losing money in Memphis. He needed his wallet boosted, and why not get a player of Iverson’s caliber? Sure the Grizzlies are loaded with young talent led by Rudy Gay (who did not sign an extension) and O.J. Mayo (who will be looking elsewhere when he gets the chance), but there was no way that this current team was going to generate good revenue. Bringing in Iverson and telling him what he wants to hear so he can sign was wrong on his part.

Iverson might have had selective hearing, or maybe he was told he would start when he arrived. Apparently Lionel Hollins (Grizzlies head coach) did not get that memo, as throughout the four games Iverson played in, he was on the bench. This did not sit well as AI wanted to start, he needed to start. Patience was not in his vocabulary, simply because it was going to be earned, Iverson was on the verge of starting because he was playing lights out. Hollins would have had no choice to start him. The opportunity to be a better teammate was there and to show the contenders that he could BE a team player and get that year in Detroit out of people’s minds went out the window when he took his “leave of absence”. Iverson was wrong for letting his pride and ego get in the way of the team game, and he would never succeed and get a ring on a true contender.

So now there are a couple of contenders that could be interested in the guard, who does have a lot left in the tank, but if he does play for a contender like Cleveland, he has to not let his pride and ego get in the way, as Mo Williams and Anthony Parker are doing their thing for the Cavs, and of course there’s a guy named LeBron. If he REALLY wants to start as he desperately does, the only NBA solution would have to be the New York Knicks. they are bad, and Iverson could be a starter easily. Aside from the Knicks, there really isn’t that many teams he can play for and start and those who would actually WANT him.

Until Iverson can be a team player, and teams sign him for his services and not for JUST dollar signs, any arrangement for him for those reasons will be the wrong answer.

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