Still Has It

Ricky Williams has seen a lot during his nine years in professional football. Before his abrupt retirement in 2004, he was a dominant rusher for the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins. After battling personal issues and marijuana, Williams showed Thursday night that he still has it.

Williams started in place of Ronnie Brown, who was placed on injured reserve Wednesday and it was against an opponent which he has had a history of dominating against, the Carolina Panthers. Williams ran for 119 yards on 22 carries and had two touchdowns along with 19 yards receiving and a touchdown, and led Miami to a 24-17 win over the Panthers. With many worried that the Dolphins game would sink, Ricky made one message clear:

“I’m still here and I still have it”

With Williams and rookie Lex Hilliard who made his debut and ran for 24 yards on four carries, it looks like the Dolphins rushing attack will be just fine. If Williams has more consistent and dominant games like he had against Carolina, Miami will be in a great position for the playoffs. They are already surging, and although the injury to Ronnie Brown is devastating, and it kills the wildcat formation, Williams is capable of starting, and will succeed in this role again. He displayed the speed and the brute power of shedding tacklers on his 46 yard run Thurs. night.

After failed drug tests, a suspended season in 2005, a CFL stint, and three stints with the Miami Dolphins, Ricky Williams has been through a lot, but when his number was called to start, he answered, and one thing was perfectly clear:

He still has it.

  1. he was awesome, and hope he has a few years left

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