The Reemergence of Vince Young

The NFL Comeback Player of the Year deserves to be Vince Young.

Not just for what he’s doing for the Tennessee Titans on the field, going 5-0 in his starts after the team started 0-6 and bringing them back into the playoff hunt when things looked extremely bleak.

For his comeback off the field.

Young went through a lot in 2008, after being booed by Titans fans for his second interception, and after his pride was crushed and the sprained MCL that followed, he postponed a doctor’s examination and was gone without nobody knowing where he was. With his family worried, Jeff Fisher was concerned and called the Nashville, TN police. Although Vince’s agent, Major Adams, downplayed the incident, his therapist told Fisher that he mentioned suicide a few times and drove home with a gun, and that led to the call. His mom, Felicia, also said that he was “hurting inside and out”. Obviously with all of this going on, Fisher benched Young in favor of Kerry Collins, who led the Titans to a 13-3 mark.

This season, Vince Young was on the bench, and Fisher was in favor of Kerry Collins, and said Young would have to “earn his job back”. After Collins was ineffective, and the Titans went 0-6. Young, at the urging of Bud Adams, the fans, and reluctantly by Fisher got the job back, and it has been good times since then, including the game-winning touchdown pass to Kenny Britt to win the game and improve the Titans to 5-0 since he took the job and put them in the thick of the playoff hunt and a game behind the Ravens for the final Wild Card spot in the AFC.

Off the field, VY was affected greatly by the death of former Titans’ great Steve McNair, and promised that he would always be there for his sons, Trenton and Tyler. He attended a father/son dinner with the boys in honor of his former mentor, and is always playing for him as well. The spirit of #9 is in him, and it is showing on the field.

Vince Young has been perfecting the comeback by being perfect since taking the starting job back. Regardless of what he has done on the field, he has come back in life, and that is much more important.

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