The Best & Worst of Week 12

The Best & Worst of Week 12 of the NFL, and although the New Orleans Saints sent a message to the NFL by demolishing the Patriots, the heart and soul of this team is at the top of the list. A dark horse MVP candidate that really has not been discussed needs to have some shine, and a rookie is going to get some shine as well for his efforts of the past week


Drew Brees: Nobody has dismantled a Bill Belichick-coached defense quite like Drew Brees did on Monday night. He went 18-23 for 371 yards and five touchdowns. He made a lot of his receivers look great, and he has been the Most Valuable Player to this team since he arrived to New Orleans in 2006. He is the reason the Saints are 11-0, and have a great chance of running the table for the regular season.

Chris Johnson: With the discussion of Manning, Brees, and Favre for MVP, nobody has really said much about Chris Johnson for MVP. He hasn’t done too much except run for 125+ yards in six straight games and has had three runs 85+ yards in a season, the only player in NFL history to do that (not many do that in a career). His 154 yard effort Sunday against the Titans is a testament that he at least deserves to be in discussion for MVP.

Percy Harvin & Kenny Britt: These two rookie receivers had huge impacts on their team in Week 12, with 100- yard receiving days, and being big keys in their team’s victories. Harvin had six catches for 101 yards and a touchdown, along with 45 yards rushing for Minnesota in a huge rout of the Chicago Bears. Britt came up huge for the Titans, grabbing seven catches for 128 yards, including the game-winning touchdown in the Titans dramatic victory over Arizona. Vince Young would be here, but he had a blog dedicated to him already.


The Houston Texans: For the second straight year, in Houston, the Texans melted down against the Indianapolis Colts. They were up 20-7 at halftime, but could not sustain the lead, as Peyton Manning led Indy to another come-from-behind victory, which was their fifth of such kind this season. The loss put the Texans a game behind for the final Wild Card spot, and after three straight losses, they look towards yet another disappointment. Doesn’t help that they are 1-15 all-time against the Colts.

The Miami Dolphins: Just when the Dolphins make a statement with a win over the Panthers, they go to Buffalo and choke against the Bills. They looked flat, and they looked like a team that would not be going anywhere in the playoff picture. They are back at home, against New England, and since the Patriots are 1-4 on the road, this could be their chance to get back to their winning ways and back in the playoff hunt.

The Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars looked bad against the 49ers on Sunday, in a game that could have kept them at the top of the AFC Wild Card. Perhaps what was alarming was the performance of Josh Scobee The Jacksonville kicker missed a couple of field goals, but as a kicker, it is unacceptable to miss a field goal from 21 yards away. The uprights are right there! Instead, he missed one from the left upright along with a 40 yarder. That along with the Jaguars turning the ball over in the redzone one too many times. They need to avoid going to the West Coast, as they are now 0-2 and being outscored 61-3 in two trips out West.


Dennis Dixon- In his first NFL start, Dixon threw for 145 yards and a touchdown, and ran for 27 yards (24 of them on a touchdown run), but he did throw a costly interception in overtime that set up the game-winning Ravens field goal. Dixon has nothing to be ashamed of, as he filled in well for Ben Roethlisberger, who sat out with a concussion. A lot of NFL teams who need a quarterback will sit and look at this game and get his services.

Stay tuned for the Thursday Night NFL Recap for Week 13.

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