The Best & Worst of Week 13

What a week in the NFL. It seemed to be the “Twilight Zone” weekend in the NFL. Teams that were not supposed to win, won. The teams that were supposed to win did not. This just shows that anything can happen Any Given Sunday.

But with all that aside, let’s show the Best & Worst of Week 13:


Bruce Gradkowski: Gradkowski has been the QB for a few weeks now, and the team is really responding. Oakland is 2-1 since he took over and they are playing with a lot more effort and passion that was not displayed from JaMarcus Russell. He wants to win, and to will his team to victory in the fourth quarter of a see-saw battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers spoke volumes. He may not be the Raiders QB in the future, but he is definitely going to peak the interest of many teams that will be looking for a quarterback.

Brandon Jacobs: Jacobs has had “hatred” for the Dallas Cowboys since he was younger, and he took it out on the team late Sunday afternoon. Jacobs had 113 total yards (39 rush, 74 receiving) and two touchdowns, and tightened up the race in the NFC East & Wild Card playoff spots. With a big game Sunday night against the Eagles, he’s going to have to come up big again to make it even more tight.

The Arizona Cardinals: Few have mentioned the Cardinals late in the season (for the second year in a row), and it seems that Kurt Warner, Ken Whisenhunt & Company like that. Warner came back from his concussion and threw three touchdowns against arguably the best team in the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings. The return of Warner, and his 285 yards passing and three first half touchdown passes were more than enough. The Cardinals defense also came up big in forcing two interceptions from Brett Favre. Do not be surprised if Arizona is hot once again going into the playoffs.


The Pittsburgh Steelers: Four straight losses, and two of them to very bad AFC West teams, but latest loss at home against the Oakland Raiders was embarrassing. The defending Super Bowl champs are now a game out of the final Wild Card position, and are reeling. A loss to the Browns would really spell doom for the Black & Gold

Josh Freeman
: Five interceptions are one thing, but to have three of those five interceptions in the redzone is utterly sad. Rookie or not, you just can’t give the ball away when your team is about to score a touchdown. Having a non-existent running game does not help matters and bad play calling was a factor. Where was Cadillac Williams or Derrick Ward? Very unacceptable

The Buffalo Bills in Toronto
: Yes, there’s three more games left in Toronto in the next three seasons, but the Toronto Series has to go. The fans always root for the other team! The Bills need to just have their eight games at home, and not even play north of the border. Besides, Toronto has its team, the Argonauts of the CFL. This venture was a good idea at the thought, but the Bills are 0-2, and it’s not a real success.

Instead of THE BEST OF THE WORST this week, there’s an additional WORST:

Shaun Suisham: Suisham has costed the Redskins a couple of games this season. The missed field goal against Dallas was on thin ice, but to miss a 23 yard field goal against the undefeated Saints that would’ve put the game out of reach was the last straw for the team. He ended up being released Tuesday, and replaced by Graham Gano. Happy trails, Shaun.

Check back next week for the Best & Worst of Week 14

    • adam dykstra
    • December 11th, 2009

    The success of the Bills in Rogers Centre actually has nothing to do with the success of the series. Toronto fans/Rogers can’t control the play on the field. What they can control is the energy, fan interest, spending on hotels, bars, etc and TV ratings – all of which were 1000x better than last year. NFL in Toronto = good.

    BTW – Argos get about 15000 people per game so I would hardly say they’re “Toronto’s team”.

    • Sean Taylor
    • December 14th, 2009

    Well, I went to the Bills game at the Roger’s Centre (I was given free tickets) and I have to agree it was a dud — both off and on the field. Considering the amount of promotion, advertising and media hype this game received you would think Jesus was playing quarterback — yet it still didn’t sell-out. The crowd attempted to get into it — but it was very forced and never really took off.

    Inadvertently, I think the NFL’s excursion into Canada has done more to highlight what a great game the CFL is by comparison. BTW. Contrary to what Dykstra ( above) claims the Argos averaged closer to 30,000 per game this year despite being consistently the worst team in the league. That is probably about the same number of people who actually paid for tickets to see the Bills last week. I like both leagues, but I prefer, as do most people I’ve talked to, to see the Bills in Buffalo and the Argos in Toronto.

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