Weekly NBA Rankings (12/14)

A new #1 in the rankings. The Lakers win streak is over, so which of the NBA elite took their place? Let’s go to the rankings:

1. Boston Celtics (19-4) (previous ranking: 2)- 10 straight wins, playing great ball. With the Lakers’ loss to Utah, they take back the top spot for the first time in weeks.

2. Los Angeles Lakers (18-4) (previous ranking: 1)- One loss makes a difference. The loss in Utah, plus the Celtics 10 straight wins drops them to #2. They won’t be there for long.

3. Orlando Magic (17-6) (previous ranking: 3)- Not much room for Orlando to go with the Celtics and Lakers at the top spot. They remain at #3 for a second straight week.

4. Atlanta Hawks (17-6) (previous ranking: 7)- Excellent week from the Hawks, four straight wins moved them into a tie with the Magic for first in the Southeast Division

5. Cleveland Cavaliers (17-7) (previous ranking: 4)- Great week for the Cavs, but they were victims of the streaking Atlanta Hawks.

6. Denver Nuggets (17-7) (previous ranking: 5)- The Nuggets, like Cleveland. They had a good week, and still lead the Northwest, but they were victims of the streaking Hawks.

7. Dallas Mavericks (17-7) (previous ranking: 8]- Dirk is showing why he’s one of the best in the game. The Mavericks know how to win the close ones, reason why they lead the Southwest right now.

8. Phoenix Suns (16-8) (previous ranking: 6)- The Suns are slumping. Is it weird that the Suns started slumping after losing to D’Antoni, and the Knicks are rising after beating the Suns.

9. Utah Jazz (14-9) (previous ranking: 10)- Snapping the Lakers win streak is a very important thing, and the Jazz deserve a spot in the top 10.

10. San Antonio Spurs (12-9) (previous ranking: 13)- Just a matter of time before the Spurs were among the tops in the NBA. Everything looks like it’s coming together. Matt Bonner has been playing very well as of late.

11. Houston Rockets (13-10) (previous ranking: 11)- The Rockets are playing good ball without Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. We already know Yao’s out, but is McGrady ever going to come back to the team, and if he doesn’t, what team would take that massive salary?

12. Portland Trail Blazers (14-11) (previous ranking: 9)- The Blazers are not the same team without Greg Oden. The psyche of this team is off, and they are not the contenders they were at the start of this season.

13. Oklahoma City Thunder (12-10) (previous ranking: 14)- After three weeks at #14, the Thunder are finally moving up. It’s a matter of time to see if they will move up further or back down.

14. Milwaukee Bucks (11-11) (previous ranking: 16)- The Bucks were in a slump, but seems as if things are slowly turning around for them. It’s a matter of time if this is true.

15. Miami Heat (11-11) (previous ranking: 12)- The Heat are really showing that there is no real supporting cast behind Dwyane Wade. Michael Beasley has not been consistent as he should be.

16. Detroit Pistons (11-12) (previous ranking: 22)- The Pistons are playing improved basketball. Rip Hamilton is back, and Tayshaun Prince and Ben Gordon are on the mend. Perhaps all hope is not lost in Detroit

17. New Orleans Hornets (10-12) (previous ranking: 18)- 2-1 week puts New Orleans up a spot. Chris Paul is back to his old form, but can they get back to among the Western Conference elite?

18. Sacramento Kings (10-12) (previous ranking: 15)- The Kings are still two games off .500. They are going to be special when Kevin Martin returns.

19. Toronto Raptors (11-15) (previous ranking: 20)- Are the Raptors ever going to live up to their potential? Newsflash to Bryan Colangelo: fire Jay Triano.

20. Memphis Grizzlies (10-13) (previous ranking: 21)- How about the Grizzlies? They have beaten the Mavericks, Cavaliers, and Heat all this month. Iverson leaving was the best thing for this team.

21. Charlotte Bobcats (9-13) (previous ranking: 19)- The Bobcats should not be ashamed in their Texas road trip. They came back from double-digits against the Spurs before running out of gas, and then they lost a heartbreaker in Dallas to the Mavericks. They will get the road woes together eventually.

22. Los Angeles Clippers (9-13) (previous ranking: 17)- The Clippers have weathered the storm of not having Blake Griffin. It will be interesting to see how good they will be when they return.

23. Indiana Pacers (8-13) (previous ranking: 25)- No Danny Granger, the Pacers are in a world of trouble. Considering this team is not as great with him there, he does make them better.

24. Chicago Bulls (8-14) (previous ranking: 23) Vinny Del Negro came out and said that he is the right coach for the Chicago Bulls. If that is the case, why are the talented Bulls underachieving so much?

25. New York Knicks (8-15) (previous ranking: 27)- The Knicks have been playing some of their best ball in a long time… Still wonder how Jonathan Bender will fare after being away for three years.

26. Washington Wizards (7-14) (previous ranking: 24)- The Big Three in Washington is not working out. Must be time to blow this team up.

27. Golden State Warriors (7-16) (previous ranking: 26)- No true leader on this team since Stephen Jackson left. Curry’s a rookie and Ellis is nowhere near ready. Still a team that’s in disarray.

28. Philadelphia 76ers (5-18) (previous ranking: 28)- If the Nets or Wolves could string together some wins, the Sixers might be in the cellar. A.I. has not made much of a difference

29. Minnesota Timberwovles (3-21) (previous ranking: 29)- In reality they should be #30, but they did beat New Jersey on opening night. Have to keep them at #29.

30. New Jersey Nets (2-22) (previous ranking: 30)- Team’s getting it together. Still has a long way to go.

    • Brian
    • December 16th, 2009

    woo hoo!! Go Bobcats

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