BCS Orange Bowl Preview: Iowa vs. Georgia Tech

The BCS previews continue with the FedEx Orange Bowl featuring the at-large Iowa Hawkeyes and the ACC Champion Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. This is the fourth of the five BCS previews, with the final one being the BCS National Championship Game.

Offense: Definitely in this area, the advantage goes to Georgia Tech. The Jackets’ option-style offense is one of the best in the country. QB Josh Nesbitt has been great at running this offense, and mistakes have been few and far in between on the way to a successful 11-2 season. With over 2500 yards from scrimmage and 28 touchdowns (18 rushing), it has worked to near-perfection. Nesbitt has so many escapes with this offense, as he can give the ball to Jonathan Dwyer, who has 1396 yards this season and 14 touchdowns, and Anthony Allen (597 yards, 5 TDs). Nesbitt also has a strong arm, and when the option is so successful on the run, it opens up the pass and man coverage, and Nesbitt can air it out, and usually it goes to Demariyus Thomas (46 rec, 1154 yards, 8 TDs). This offense is so complicated, and Iowa is going to have to be solid on defense for any chance of victory against the Jackets.

The Hawkeyes are in some trouble, as they are without QB Ricky Stanzi for the season. Replacement QB James Vandenberg has not been too effective as a replacement, as he has struggled in the Hawkeyes final three games and the Hawkeyes did just enough to get into the BCS with a 10-2 record. Stanzi threw 14 interceptions to 15 touchdowns, but the Hawkeyes had a solid defense that kept them in games throughout the whole season. The running game of the Hawkeyes is a two-headed monster with Adam Robinson (775 yards, 5 TDs) and Brandon Wegher (528 yds, 7 TDs) and balanced receiving with Derell Johnson-Koulianos (41 rec, 687 yds, 2 TDs), and Marvin McNutt (30 rec, 653 yds, 7 TDs). If the Hawkeyes can manage the game, and keep that potent Ga. Tech offense off the field, they should win this game just fine.

Defense: The Hawkeyes have the advantage on this one, and it will depend on if they can get the Yellow Jackets off the field quickly, and allow their offense to control the game. They have to control the gaps on the option, and not get Thomas out on the open one on one. If they play man coverage on the option pass, have a safety back in coverage. The Iowa defense has not allowed 30+ points at all this season, but Georgia Tech has seven 30+ point games this season.

Georgia Tech’s defense gives up a lot of points, which has resulted in the games of 30+ points seven on offense. But without the game managing Stanzi, and Vandenberg playing under the biggest stage of his young collegiate career. Tech has to take advantage of the inexperienced QB, and if they can get Iowa off the field quickly, expect the offense to wear the Hawkeyes out. Iowa will have find ways to strike and strike often if they want any chance to get by this Ga. Tech defense because if the offense strikes quickly, the defense will play better.

The Yellow Jackets have the clear advantage in this game, and they are the favorites to win. The only way they will not win this Orange Bowl is if they make mistakes and commit turnovers. Vandenberg will need to play the game of his life for Iowa to have a chance in this game.

    • bucknut87
    • January 6th, 2010

    OOOPS! Looks like ya got this one wrong! Wisconsin couldn’t beat Miami, Ohio State couldn’t beat Oregon, Penn State will never beat LSU and on and on. Who are you guys/gals making these predictions? Throw away your stat sheets and your falsely pre-conceived notions about the Big 10. By the way, Northwestern should have beaten Auburn even with 6 turnovers!

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