Why So Mad?

The Colts did not go for the perfect season this past Sunday against the New York Jets. In fact, they pulled their starters in the second half with a 15-10 lead. The Jets scored 19 on the second string en route to a 29-15 victory to keep their playoff hopes alive. The loss did not affect the Colts, as they have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs in the AFC, but many Colts fans and NFL fans were greatly affected. There’s only one question:

Why are the people so upset over this?

The Colts did not want the perfect season. They are not focused on 16-0 or 19-0, and if Jim Irsay (Colts’ owner) and Bill Polian (Colts President) had no problem with Jim Caldwell pulling the players, why should everyone else have a problem? Peyton Manning is the most valuable player to the Colts, and why risk the chance of injury to him or any of the starters for the team. In fact, when the Colts clinched home-field, there was no need to even play the starters for the whole game. Manning and the rest of the starters knew they were not going to play the whole game, and were just fine with it. Caldwell knew what he was doing, and so did the team.

If the Colts went perfect, the pressure would have mounted, taking a loss will not put as much pressure on the team to continue to be perfect. The New England Patriots buckled at the last game to be perfect to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII and finished 18-1. One loss will not affect them as much, and the ’72 Dolphins can breathe easy and remain the only members of Perfectville. The record did not matter, especially after the New Orleans Saints lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 15. Had the Saints still been perfect, the Colts probably would have played to keep up with them Now with New Orleans losing two in a row, there was no need to keep going. Some think the Colts punked out, but they did not. They made the right choice, which was embraced by the organization.

Jim Caldwell got heat for ruining the perfect season intentionally, but if the Colts win the Super Bowl, all will be forgotten, and even if they lose in the playoffs, it will be a lot less attention-grabbing with one loss already than it would be with zero losses on the board.

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