TSX Rapid News (1/5)

Welcome to the new TSX Rapid News, where we cover four different sports stories from around that aren’t worthy of a post, so let’s get into it.

– The NFL offseason began for 20 teams yesterday, and two teams are already clearing house. The Buffalo Bills fired their entire coaching staff, including interim head coach Perry Fewell, but the good news for Fewell is that he has the opportunity to interview for the head coaching job. The Washington Redskins fired Jim Zorn, which was already anticipated in Week 5. The ‘Skins are already meeting with Mike Shanahan, and it is anticipated that he will become the next coach of the Redskins. The only thing with Shanahan is that he will want to have TOTAL control of the team (Head Coach/GM). Washington has a GM already (Bruce Allen). It looks good on the surface, but will it lead to a clash in the future if Shanahan’s hired? Time will tell.

– Gilbert Arenas says the guns were “a joke” on teammate Javaris Crittenton. This is really no laughing matter, and in the process, makes the Washington Wizards a laughingstock. It’s okay to be positive and look at the bright side, but don’t say “i’m a goofball” and act like it’s not a big deal. This is a serious matter, and at the end of the day, Joke is on him. The Wizards SHOULD trade him, but that hefty contract is something nobody wants to take on.

– The Utah Jazz may be cleaning house and rebuilding. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, the Jazz, who have a team payroll exceeding $77M, and ownership does not want to pay the NBA luxury tax for a start that has been rather mediocre. So every player except for Deron Williams is on the trading block. But even though Utah wants to take money off the payroll, they want to remain competitive, but there have been no takers. This Jazz team has been underachieving, and it is disappointing. If they want to shed payroll, they will not be as competitive in the West.

– On the same day Jason Bay was introduced as the New York Mets’ latest addition, his former team made a big splash in free agency. The Boston Red Sox announced they are in the process of signing Adrian Beltre to a two year contract to compliment and eventually replace fan favorite, but oft-injured Mike Lowell. The BoSox also need to keep up with the New York Yankees. The signing of Beltre does help his former team, the Seattle Mariners, clear payroll for Chone Figgins, who signed with Seattle after being a fixture for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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