Mark McGwire- No Surprise

So Mark McGwire finally admits it. He used steroids in the 90s. There’s only one thing to say about this:

No, really, you don’t say?

Come on Big Mac, we have known this since the 1998 Home Run Chase. There was reports that you vehemently denied, and there was the Congressional Hearings where you was a complete mute. Why wait until you are to return to the St. Louis Cardinals as a hitting coach to confess all this?

As much as the people knew that this happened, this is no surprise in terms of the fact that another face of the Steroid Era of Major League Baseball has come clean. But there was never really a drug testing policy established, and players got away with any and every thing. So the questions of integrity can be raised, but people wanted to feel good about baseball again. Sure it took a 5-10 years later to uncover the ugly truth, but at the time, baseball was on life support. The 1994 strike and cancellation of the season and ultimately, World Series just took away people’s love for the game, due to greed and corruption from the owners and players. Jose Canseco did blow the whistle on the steroid abusers, and from Andy Pettitte to Roger Clemens to Alex Rodriguez. At least Pettitte and A-Rod admitted their wrongdoings, and they were forgiven.

But McGwire, his window of opportunity was shut down a long time ago. When he did not come forward at the Congressional Hearings, and just confess to what he did, he lost all credibility and his chance to be in the Hall of Fame. Although it is good that he finally came clean on this, which was probably one of the conditions of his contract to be the Cardinals’ hitting coach and say this to distract the start of Spring Training and have a full blown media circus, there’s only two words for you on this, Big Mac.

No Surprise.

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