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From Hero to Villain

For 16 seasons, he was the heart and soul of a proud NFL Franchise that was on its toughest leg.

For 16 seasons, he embodied what was the original vision of the First Super Bowl Champions and their legendary coach. His toughness, character, and blue-collar work ethic endeared him to the smallest market in the NFL.

For 16 seasons, Brett Favre embodied what it was to be a Green Bay Packer.

Now in a matter of two seasons, #4 has gone from the hero to the villain.

When Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings, it really symbolized the end of a lot of things. The end of the legacy in Green Bay, the end of a relationship between one of the legends of the Packers and its loyal fan base, the end of an era. The fact that Favre still has something left in the tank, and still wants to play is more than remarkable, the fact that he is going to the hated Minnesota Vikings is what is tough for Packer fans to swallow.

Of course those who don’t think Favre is the villain can say that the Packers were the cause of this ugly split between the two, and GM Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy drove Favre out when he said he was going to retire originally.Those are the fans who will forever appreciate the QB reviving the once-proud franchise and bringing them back to relevance. No matter what Brett does now, next year, or during his time in New York with the Jets, Green Bay made him who he was. He his synonymous with the Packers and will be in the Hall of Fame as a Green Bay Packer.

Those, however outside of Wisconsin are tired of the same drama that has gone on for the past year and a half or so: “I don’t want to come back, then wake up… I do”. I understand the love of the game, but other peoples’ lives are at risk. The Vikings were a first place team in the NFC North without Favre, but Sage Rosenfels was on his way to being a starter, and finally getting his opportunity, and Tavaris Jackson was trying to make his last stand to be the Vikings starter. Now Rosenfels is going to be the backup, and Jackson could be on his way out if he will be the third string quarterback.

Favre’s remarks at the press conference could be taken as condescending, and unappreciative of the Packers and the city that rooted for him for 16 years. Now that the Vikings and Packers will be playing twice a year, expect the entertainment between these two teams, and I want the true reaction of these Packer fans when Favre returns to Lambeau Field on Nov. 1st.