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The Tainted Rule

Today, the National Football League passed a rule that changes the overtime format of the NFL Playoffs, pretty much giving it a college style type of overtime.

Bad idea. Bad rule. Everything about this is just spells bad.

The reason: Sudden-death overtime is what made the NFL what it is today. How you ask?

Read up on the 1958 NFL Championship. The Greatest Game Ever Played. This was the first sudden-death overtime game in NFL history. Nobody even heard of the term overtime, as most NFL games ended in ties after regulation, but with a championship on the line, there had to be a winner. This created the sudden death overtime format, which was implemented in the regular season in 1974. It was simple. First team score wins. If you want the ball, play defense, and get the ball, and prevent the other team from scoring.

As the game has shifted into more of the offensive side, it has been clear that the NFL wants to give both teams a chance. After a 28-4 vote by owners, the NFL is going to do the college-style OT for the playoffs, with the possibility of implenting this rule in the regular season for 2011. It’s understood that the game changes, but the history shouldn’t. Fans and teams have complained that they don’t get a chance, but the simplicity of it is. First team to score wins the game. The team that does not win the toss has proven to win the game (as in Karlos Dansby’s GW TD against Green Bay in the 2009 NFC Wild Card game).

Sudden death is what made the NFL what it is today. The owners need a refresher on its history.