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NFC North Preview- Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are complete. Well, almost complete.

This is a team that has a great running game, a good receiver and tight end, drafted a flashy playmaker that can electrify his team and the crowd, and have a strong offensive line. You put that with a defensive unit that has been one of the best defenses (especially on the run) in the NFL in recent years, and this team is simply one of the best, and they are also having a bitter taste in their mouths after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs.

On offense, the key thing that is missing is a quarterback. Taaris Jackson was supposed to be groomed into the Vikings’ version of Donovan McNabb with his mobility and strong arm. Instead he has not grasped the concept of the West Coast offense and has seen not as much action to earn the trust of his coaches and teammates. To give Jackson some motivation, the Vikings picked up Sage Rosenfels from the Houston Texans. Rosenfels has more experience with the offense, and was really primed and ready to the starter.

Unfortunately, for Rosenfels and Jackson. They will have a battle, but it will be for the second string team.

Brett Favre’s signing a few days ago changed the whole dynamic of the team. It’s bad for the two QBs who were going to have an opportunity and it was snatched from them, but Favre has so much familiarity with this system, and he will not be a detriment to this team like he was in New York with the Jets.

The Vikings have one of the best running back tandems in the NFL with Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, and they have a good deep ball receiver in Bernard Berrian. They were in need of a second receiver to get the QB more options than Berrian and Visanthe Shiancoe at tight end. So the Vikings drafted former Florida WR Percy Harvin, who knows how to create plays and make things happen for his team.

Defensively, Minnesota has the best run defense, and has allowed the fewest yards on the ground in the NFL for three straight years. The architect of this defense, Leslie Frazier, is still in Minnesota, but some team will be hiring him next season, especially if the success continues. They have the strongest defensive line in their division, with the Williamses, Kevin and Pat (no relation) anchoring the D-line at DT. Add the speed and agility of Jared Allen. In the secondary, Antoine Winfield will look to have another breakout season which will result in a Pro Bowl.

The Vikings will repeat as champions of the NFC North, and even before Brett Favre, they were going to repeat as champions. The addition of Favre just could, possibly be the thing that gets them to the Super Bowl.