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The Best & Worst of Week 11

It’s NFL Wednesday, and it’s time to kick this day off with the Best & Worst of Week 11. Send all NFL related questions to, post them on Twitter at:, or on the Facebook fan page here:

This week had some great moments. Two of the worst teams are on the best side, and the whole AFC North is on the duds for this week. And it took two years for this ordeal to happen? What am I talking about? Just stay tuned and find out.


Brett Favre- Many people thought that the offseason drama that he caused about retiring and unretiring (again) would result in the same disaster that was the New York Jets. Instead it has been the opposite. Favre had the highest completion percentage of his career (88%) completing 22/25 passes and four touchdowns. This season, he has 21 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions. The Vikings were at 10-6 team before he signed. Now they are on the verge of a potential Super Bowl trip and Brad Childress can thank him for his contract extension that he received.

The Cleveland Browns & Detroit Lions- The Browns and Lions played the best, and most entertaining game of the season and week. It was filled with drama, excitement, and the toughness displayed by Matthew Stafford after a time out was called (see worst of the week: Eric Mangini) was simply amazing. Stafford’s five touchdowns were the most by a rookie QB in 72 years (Ray Buivid did this for the Chicago Bears in 1937). The Browns showed more offense in this game than they have all season long. Brady Quinn was impressive, throwing for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. Who knew that the worst can bring out the best?

The Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs stayed in the game throughout against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it’s always said when a good team (and World Champions) plays a team that has struggled and not seen great times, and the bad team hangs in the whole game, they start to believe. The Chiefs started to believe and wanted the game more, and they showed in their overtime win. Has anyone noticed that this team is now 2-0 without Larry Johnson on the team? The Chiefs, Lions, and Oakland Raiders all won on the same day for the first time since September 30th, 2007.


The AFC North: The Bengals (with the aforementioned Larry Johnson) lost to the Raiders, in which they gave up the game and blew a seven point lead in the closing moments. The Steelers lost to the Chiefs, the Ravens came up short against the Colts, missing huge opportunities to capitalize off three Colts turnovers and a missed field goal by Billy Cundiff made the difference again. The Browns lost to the Lions, which was made by a bad decision by…..

Eric Mangini: Mangini is on here for a couple of reasons: 1. Your team is up 24-3, in the first quarter, you had to just coach up your defense, tell your coordinator to do something… the secondary just was flat, and Stafford torched them for 422 yards. 2. This was the real thing here: you suffered a terrible pass interference call on Hank Poteat, and the red hot Stafford is out of the game w/ a shoulder injury. The ice cold Daunte Culpepper enters the game, and “Man-genius” decided to call a timeout. For what?!?! This allows Stafford to enter the game with one arm and find Brandon Pettigrew for the GW touchdown. Too bad this is his last season in Cleveland. There’s no way he stays after this one.

Kris Brown: For the second straight game, against a DIVISION opponent, and to top this off, this is a HUGE rivalry game for your team, the Houston Texans. The score once again, was 20-17. And you missed for the second straight game. These two misses from the last original Texan has hurt this team, and they really could be looking at 7-3 instead of 5-5. The rope has to be getting tighter for the normally reliable kicker. Tough week for him indeed.


Brady Quinn: Fellow blogger, The NFL Chick, said it best: He can throw a pass for more than eight yards. Quinn was very efficient on Sunday, going 21-33 for 304 yards and the four touchdowns to zero interceptions, giving him a QB rating of 133.1, which is very good. He was poised in the pocket, and this should really boost his confidence for the next game. Too bad his game was overshadowed by the dumb decisions of his head coach and the defensive side of the ball.


The Best & Worst of Week 9

There were some great standouts this week and many should be recognized for their accomplishments as week 9 is in the books. However, there were many duds in this week, and one was a big part of the worst without even playing, so let’s give out the awards for the Week 9


Peyton Manning
: The Co-MVP of this season along with Drew Brees at the midway point, Manning became the first QB to throw for 40,000 yards for his career in a single decade. That is an amazing feat that simply will not be accomplished for a long time. Much props

Josh Freeman:
In his first NFL start in the creamsicle jerseys and Buccaneer Bruce helmets, Freeman threw for three touchdowns, and led Tampa Bay to its first victory in the Raheem Morris era. Freeman looks to have a lot of promise in the years to come. Let’s hope he can keep it up

The Cincinnati Bengals:
If you did not believe this team was for real, start. The Bengals are 4-0 against the AFC North this season, including two victories over Baltimore, and have a chance to make a MAJOR statement if they can beat Pittsburgh AT Heinz Field, and put a tight grip on the AFC North. Had it not been for a tipped ball opening week, this team could easily be 7-1 right now.


The Detroit Lions: Up 17-0, the Lions allowed 25 unanswered points to the Seattle Seahawks, who aren’t really the team that they used to be. Not only did they lose the game, they extended their road losing streak to 16 games and have shown that they have a LONG way to go.

The New York Giants: This team was 5-0 and at the top of the NFC among the Saints, but they have really started a free fall that has them in third place in the NFC East behind the surging Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

Larry Johnson & the Kansas City Chiefs: This will be the last Larry Johnson reference for the week, but the relationship between LJ and the organization was never a real strong one. The Chiefs knew he was not happy, but kept him there anyway. Johnson knew his time was up, and it seemed like his effort over the last two seasons was lackadaisical. Although he was expressing himself freely, it did violate the NFL’s rules on social media, which led to his release. In the previous LJ blog, everybody wins in this area.


Brandon Marshall:
Despite Denver’s poor performance against the Steelers on Monday night, Marshall had 11 catches for 112 yards. However, with his team at 6-2, and just a game ahead of the San Diego Chargers, the Broncos are going to have to step it up and avoid the same collapse that led to the firing of Mike Shanahan. Josh McDaniels will make the necessary adjustments and will not let this happen. Besides, the relationship between Marshall and McDaniels has strengthened since training camp, and he will be rewarded greatly in the offseason.

Check back later today for Team Midseason Grades, and Midseason Awards

Your Time Is Up

Larry Johnson, it just had to happen this way. Your time was up in Kansas City. It has been up for a very long time.

There was no other way around the situation that arose when Johnson questioned the credentials of his former head coach, Todd Haley; on top of that he makes homophobic comments on his Twitter account. Although the embattled running back, who was already dealing with conflict with head coach Dick Vermeil at the time, took over for Priest Holmes while he was injured, Johnson put up numbers that were unheard of, putting up 1750 yards in nine games of starts. He then put up 1789 yards in 2006, and his numbers have declined since 2007 when he was put on the injured reserve list.

But it was his legal troubles and domestic issues off the field that drew the ire of Chiefs fans and eventually, management. After four arrests for domestic issues since 2003 in a period from 2003-2008, the patience of the Chiefs grew thin, and his production declined. In 2008, the Kansas City spread offense only resulted in him having 874 yards, and in 2009, it was his fingers and his thoughts on Twitter which ended up ending his tenure in KC. After disparaging Todd Haley, and calling a fan who responded to his tweet a “fag”, the Chiefs decided to suspend him a game after negotiations with his agent, but due to Chiefs fan protesting that he does not hold the record since he never represented what a true Chief should be.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was that Johnson was caught on Twitter belittling a fan for making less money than him. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, who came from New England and is about the “Patriot Way” of no-nonsense, low tolerance for foolishness, had enough and decided to release him. Although Larry made efforts to repair his relationship with the Chiefs, it was clear that his time was up, and this move can benefit him and the team in the future.

Everybody wins: The Chiefs, Johnson, and the fans. It’s a new beginning.